About Us

The MrExclusive Creating a unique look for couture jewelry can be a daunting challenge, but one that MrExclusive has successfully approached. We are a family business that wants to provide our costumers with a memorable time as well as beautiful, quality jewelry, this is the kind of store you can come and enjoy to look, shop, or hang out with your friends. Whether you are shopping for your daughter or the diva in your life, you can find it here. After all, a mine is where it all begins.

MrExclusive inspirations have now channeled their spirit into three distinct collections: men’s diamond jewelry, fine timepieces and his latest, high-end watches.

MrExclusive strengths are our strong ties with the world’s leading diamond sources, unrivaled access to rare diamond shapes, cuts and colors. “There are too many generic looking pieces in the marketplace right now—there is a sameness that is not interesting”, At MrExclusive we wanted to bring excitement to the market and something special to our clients.

The diamonds cuts we chose are the most romantic in the world - also making them fun and sexy to wear. Luxury is not just a “thing”; it is an experience. This is how I want MrExclusive to be perceived. People shopping for fine jewelry and timepieces have many options today. The more common factors that distinguish one jeweler from another are design and quality.

However, there are other, more subjective, characteristics that truly set one jewelry House apart from another and take the buying experience to another level.

We have been in business for over 30 years in the heart of Downtown Boston. 


Mr Exclusive in unique jewelry store that stands out from other jewelry stores apart from another and take the buying experience to another level.